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Accanto is available for English, Spanish, French and Italian translations.

I have been working as a translator, teacher and social educator since 2003 

in Italy and abroad. 

I have been working with people who suffer from mental disease, drug, alcohol, 

media and sugar addiction, gambling, sleep disorders, HIV and AIDS, post-coma

and disabilities, homeless, asylum seekers, refugees and prisonners. This makes

me better understand and translate subjects about social problems and health.


Accanto's biggest translation project concerns seven apps for smartphones

about different kinds of disease and addiction. These self-help tools have been 

realized by the Swedish psychologist Jonas Svensson. After our translations,

all the apps were made suitable for the Italian market by Roberto Pani, Psychology

teacher at University of Bologna (Italy). We are currently updating the Facebook

pages and spreading the project through the social network in the Italian and

Spanish speaking countries.

Twoact Sugar

Twoact Children and media

Twoact Stress

Twoact Sleep

Twoact Drug

Twoact Alcohol

Twoact Gambling  

For further information: www.twoact.com

Translations about health for the Italian company Baixa Lab (http://baixalab.com/) in 2016. 

ATG Rubber 

English teacher for French speaking workers at ATG Rubber (www.atg-rubber.com) in 2016.